About Omdurman Ahlia University

Omdurman Ahlia College (OAC) was established in 1985. It was initially conceptualized as a logical expansion for non-governmental education which has been sustained by our Sudanese nationals' long-standing initiative and contributions before independence.

The college emerged as a full-fledged university in 1995 with seven academic faculties and one center in the fields of humanities, technology, arts and medical sciences. Faculty of Engineering and Architecture was recently established in year 2004.

Omdurman Ahlia University (OAU) has been a pioneer in the fields of Medical Laboratories and Computer Science as well as vanguard in B.Sc. programmes of Environmental Studies at country level. As such, these programmes have been subsequently emulated by other higher education institutions.

The population of OAU students is about eight thousands pursuing different academic disciplines qualifying them for either B.Sc. or intermediate diploma.

OAU offers M.Sc. programmes in Environmental Sciences as well as postgraduate Diplomas in Applied Physics and Statistics. Postgraduate programmes are expected to be launched in Economics, Medical Laboratories, Languages (Arabic, English & French) and Sudanese Studies.

In pursuance of its lofty and noble goals, OAU has established cordial and fruitful academic and research coordination efforts and relations with renowned higher education institutions at country, regional & international levels.

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P.O. Box 786- Omdurman - SUDAN
Tel: + 187-571127, +187-566116, +187-566118 Fax: +187-553447

Email: info@oau.edu.sd