Mission and Objectives

In such an atmosphere and circumstances a group of university scholars, educationalists and prominent citizens who were aware of the difficulties encountered by Secondary School Leavers to pursue their Graduate studies, met in 1984 in Omdurman to discuss this issue. After a series of meetings in late Mohammed Sid Ahmed Swar Al qaheb residence, the honorable group decided to establish a non-governmental national higher education institution in Omdurman in recognition of its heritage in promoting non-governmental education.

In April, 215t ,1986 those honorable pioneers were able to get the approval to establish Omdurman Ahlia College. A secondary school premises were rented in Mulazmine Area to start the College. The first 250 students were admitted in November 1986 in seven programs: Arts & Science, Economics & Administrative Sciences, Health Sciences, Computer Sciences, Interior Design, Environmental Sciences and Continuous Education.

The Government allocated the college a 30 Acres land West of Omdurman (Hamad El Neil area) and exempted the College from the registration fees.

The Ministry of Construction and Housing via a letter No. 38/p/1, dated April, 24th. 1986 approved the allotment of 120,000 sq. meters (30 Acres) in West Omdurman (Hamad El Neil Area) to implement Omdurman Ahlia University Project. The B.o.T entrusted Hamdi Engineering Consultants with the construction of Omdurman Ahlia University premises.

In 1995, Omdurman Ahlia College was up-graded to a University by the Committee of Non-Governmental Higher Education in accordance to resolution 67 issued on the 7th.of May 1995. This was followed by the promulgation of the University Laws and Regulations governing its activities.

University Committees

OAU is assisted in carrying out its activities by a number of standing committees that hold regular meetings to discuss issues and to make recommendations to be endorsed and implemented by the University Administration. These include:

  • Deans Committee
  • Admission Committee
  • Examinations Committee
  • Fees and Grants Committee
  • Members of Staff Promotion Committee
  • Appointment Committee
  • Employees Affairs Committee

Each of these committees has its own regulations, which set the rules and procedures which govern its work. This is in addition to some ad hoc committees to study and submit reports pertaining to some urgent issues.

 Fees and Grants

OAU charges the lowest fees as compared to private colleges and universities in Sudan. Moreover, OAU allots in its annual budget a sizeable fund to outstanding as well as needy students.

The Examinations

The examinations in OAU are governed and monitored by the Examination Regulations, "The General Examinations Regulations (Reg. No. 19)" which set rules and procedures to be adhered to by all Faculties. Each faculty sets its own internal Examinations Regulations which are confirmed by the University Academic Council. These Regulations are to stipulate assessment criteria to be applied for the students.

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