Omdurman City

Omdurman has generally been recognized as Sudan's National Capital and one of its major cities. It was the seat of the Mahadist State in the 19th century. Later it became the centre of National Opposition against foreign rule. It is also characterized by its social, political, cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity thus representing Sudan in microcosm. It is Sudan melting pot.

In addition to its leading role in trade, politics and sports, Omdurman distinguishes itself as a pioneer in non-governmental education in various fields and at all levels. The establishment of (non-governmental) Education came as the result of appreciable efforts of Men and Women of Omdurman and Sudanese citizens all over Sudan. The educational movement enhanced the National Consciousness and it was instrumental in achieving the national objective of freedom and Independence. These efforts continued and more non-governmental educational institutions were created after Independence.

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