Basic Information

Location and Address

P.O. Box 786 - Omdurman - SUDAN

Tel: + 187-571127, +566116, + 566118 Fax: + 553447

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  1. Area: 30 Acres (120,000 square meters)
  2. Date of Establishment:

Established in Nov.15t,1986 as Omdurman Ahlia College and up-graded to full University status in May,7th,1995

Number of Students: 8000 females and males

  1. Number of Graduates: 35000 (up to 2006/2007)
  2. Media of instruction: Arabic and English languages
  3. Academic Years:

          30 weeks, divided into 2 semesters or as decided by the Academic Council.

 Degrees awarded:

    -  B.A. and B.Sc. General and Honor

    -  Undergraduate Diploma

    -  Postgraduate Diploma

    -  M.A. and M.Sc.

Academic and Administrative Staff: (184)

Professors      12
Associate Professors      36
Assistant  Professors 30
Lectures 83
Teaching Assistants 08
Chief and Assistant Librarians     15

Admission Requirements

The admission requirement to a B.Sc. or B.A. Program rests on attainment of Sudan School Certificate or its equivalent. Limited chances are available for "Mature Students", provided they satisfy the requirements stipulated by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research as well as fulfilling the conditions stipulated by OAU.

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Location and Address
P.O. Box 786- Omdurman - SUDAN
Tel: + 187-571127, +187-566116, +187-566118 Fax: +187-553447