University Institutional Structure

According to the University Laws and Regulations, the University Governing Bodies are:

The Founders Council (F.C.)

It consists of all persons who have contributed to the establishment and/or physical and academic promotion of OAU. The Council elects the Board of Trustees. It meets periodically to discuss and endorse reports submitted by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

The Board of Trustees (B.o.T.)

The B.o.T. comprises the Founders and other eminent Individuals who are concerned with educational issues and related matters. The Board is composed of sixty members, elected by the University Founders Council for a duration of four years term.

The Chairman of the B.o.T. since its formation and to date has been Mr. Salih Abd El Rahman Yagoub. At present the Deputy is Mr. Abdallah Badri. The Vice-Chancellor is a member and the Rapporteur of the Board.

The B.o.T. is the uppermost body in the structural hierarchy of the University Administration. It has the highest authority of approving Rules and Regulations concerning Financial and Administrative policies. It appoints the Vice - Chancellor and the Deputy Vice- Chancellor. It also approves all plans, projects and contracts pertaining to establishment of new Faculties,Development, Investment Projects Contracts, new appointments and the Annual Budget.

The University Council (U.C.)

The U.C. is composed of forty members who are appointed by the B.o.T. of whom 22 members are from outside the University. The other 18 members are from within the University and these include: Deans of Faculties, representatives of the Academic Staff and Graduates.

The Chairman of the council is Professor Mudathir al Tingary and his deputy is Professor Ali Mohammed al Hassan. The University Principal is the Rapporteur of the Council.

The U.C. is accountable to the B.o.T. for academic, administrative and financial matters.

The Academic Council (A.C.)

It advises the U.C. on matters pertaining to Study Programs, Admission Policy, and confirmation of Degrees award. It is chaired by the Vice-Chancellor with the Academic Secretary as the Rapporteur. Ten of its members are selected from other Academic institutions. The rest of its members include Deans of Faculties, Directors of centres, Heads of Departments, and Professors from OAU.

Financial and Administrative Committee (F.A.C.)

It is a sub-Committee which is accountable to the U.C. It is responsible for the preparation of the Annual Budget and its implementation. It consists of 14 members including the Financial Manager.

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