Alternative Energy & Sustainable Development Centre

This Centre aims at & strives towards the development of different alternative energy technology and their applications to ensure sustainable development. To achieve this goal, the centre, in collaboration with relevant faculties of O.A.U., works to realize the following objectives:

  1. Conducting scientific research to improve the performance of different solar energy technologies and develop their applications.
  2. Studying different wind energy technologies to improve their performance and expand their applications.
  3. Conducting research and developing appropriate technologies for different biofuels and their applications .
  4. Studying the economics of the different energy technology as well as the social and environmental impacts of their applications .
  5. Establishing a data base for the necessary technical, economic & environmental data associated with the applications of the above technology and avail to relevant stakeholders.
  6. Facilitating the exchange of information and expertise with local and international working organizations in this field . This requires the establishment of joint research and applied projects in different relevant fields .
  7. Working in collaboration with the relevant faculties of O.A.U. and other national centres to build capacities necessary to conduct the above research disciplines and lead the application efforts of both the public & private sectors.
    1. Providing technical advice to the public & private sectors which are necessary to ensure proper and sustainable applications of the aforementioned technologies .


Prof. Wardi Hassan Wardi

- (Diploma) M.Sc., Physics, Moscow State U., 1968 .

- Ph. D., Physics, Moscow State U., 1977.

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