Aun EI-Sharief Qasim Centre

Aun EI-Sharief Centre for Research on Indigenous Sudanese Languages and Vernaculars, in collaboration with similar centres in Omdurman Ahlia University, intends the realization of the following objectives:

  1. Conducting statistical studies whereby Sudanese languages and dialects are classified according to their linguistic families in addition to preparing linguistic atlases that show the geographical boundaries of each language and dialect and the number of people who speak it especially in the areas of linguistic interfusion.
  2. Gathering and writing literary and artistic heritage of Sudanese languages and dialects, preserving and translating them into Arabic and other languages.
  3. Conducting scientific research in the field of languages.
    1. Studying the systems of phonetics, morphology and grammar of different Sudanese languages and dialects. Special emphasis is to be placed on comparative aspects thereof in order to teach them in basic education courses through curricula to be designed specially for this purpose.
    2. Striving to build capacities, which are specialized in different Sudanese languages and local dialects with a view of creating qualified competent cadre who can contribute to their spread.
    3. Studying dialects in the diverse geographical environment of the Sudan and exploring their relations to classical Arabic language.
    4. Enhancing the effectiveness of means and ways of increasing the impact of Arabic Language on local dialects and linking them to the Arabic alphabet.


Prof. Gamer El Din Ali Garanba

  • L.L.M., Law, Leipzg U., 1963.
  • P.G.Dip., Ed., U. of Manchester 1965.
  • M.Sc., Ed., U. of Manchester , 1968.
  • Ph.D., Ed., U. of Berlin, 1971.

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