Mohammed Omer Beshir Centre for Sudanese Studies (M.O.B.)


The Centre was established in 1993 by an initiative of the Board of Trustees of Omdurman Ahlia College as a memorial for its last president Professor Mohammed Omer Beshir. It is governed by a statute under OAU Act as an autonomous body within the University. It is partially funded by donors on a project by project basis. The governing body of the Centre is a Board of Trustees headed by the University Vice-Chancellor. The Director of the Centre is the convener of the Board and is responsible for the management of the Centre. The Board is constituted of forty members, some of them from other countries. The Centre also has an Academic Board to set its general policies, functions and activities in the relevant areas.

Mission of M.O.B.

  • The Centre was established with the idea to become a focus institution for conducting studies and research that address various aspects of Sudanese History, heritage, literature, politics, economics, education, ect.

The Centre aims to attract a core of academic staff in various fields with a view to have the capacity to execute and co-ordinate several research projects sponsored by the University or supported by other external agencies

  • The Centre also envisages encountering and promoting research institutional capacity. It is further anticipated that the Centre will design Post-Graduate Degrees in Sudanese Studies.
  • The Centre collaborates with the Sudanese Community Peace Forum and other Civil Society Organizations to promote Culture and Peace. A memorandum of understanding between the two partners governs their cooperation in carrying out studies, research projects, workshops, seminars and publications of papers dealing with peace in the Centre's Journal (Mahawir).

 Objectives of M.D.B. Centre

Consolidating and developing research on Contemporary Sudanese Studies in various fields and extending research facilities to Sudanese and Foreign Scholars.

  • Assisting in the design and preparation of curricula on Sudanese Studies in OAU and other Universities and other learning institutions on request.
  • Availing reference materials and documents on all aspects of Sudanese Studies for graduate research students and specialists.
  • Encouraging preparation, publications and dissemination of Sudanese Studies to broaden scope of information on Sudan.
  • Holding symposia, seminars, workshops and conferences on National issues.
  • Establishing a modern library specially in documentations and retrieval of information.
  • Creating a special unit for public books, journals and monographs on Sudanese Studies.
  • Establishing a peace co-ordination unit in the Centre to encourage effective contribution of Civil Societies in conflict resolution and peace building.

Activities of the Centre

  • Preparation of Textbooks on Sudanese Studies for academic purposes and availing general information for categories other than students. So far more than 50 books have been published, eight of them are Textbooks.
  • Publication of deliberations and proceedings of conferences, workshops and seminars launched by the Centre.
  • Preparation of the Oral History Project financed by Ford Foundation in 1998.
  • Issuance of the Centre's Journal for Sudanese Studies "Mahawir" twice a year.
  • Formulation of a Documentation Project on writing the history of Omdurman City.
  • Starting and establishing of a Data-Bank in the Centre (MOISENT).
  • Collection and documentation of rare documents, manuscripts and reference books on Sudan.
  • Installation of an electronic branch of the library using modern techniques of communication.

 Executing the project of "Sudanese Geographical Names Dictionary".

  • Preparation of a number of projects on conflict resolution and Peace-Making in Sudan

Accommodation and Facilities

  • A Lecture and seminar hall equipped with audio-system
  • Documentation and Informatics I: This is divided into:

- Head Department Office.

- Reception room.

- Computer & Internet Laboratory.

- A meeting room.

  • M.O.B. Centre Library.
  • A Multi-Purpose Hall.
  • Directory Office.
  • Staff and Researchers Offices.
    • A service room for the sale of publications of the Centre and for mail services.
    • An office for the Sudanese Community Peace Forum Coordinating Unit.


Staff of the Centre




Prof. Ibrahim Hassan

Abdel Galil



• B.A., U. of London, 1958.

• MBA. U. of California, 1962.

• Ph.D., Bus. Admin. U. of Illinois,


Dr. Mutasim A. El




• B.A., Cairo U. Kh. Branch, 1978.

• M.A., (History), O.I.U., 1982.

• Ph.D., Om.IsI.U., 1985.

Dr. Samia Babiker




• B.A., Arch& Anthr., U. of K.,1980.

• M.A., Anthr., Charles U., Prague,1985.

• Ph.D., Charles U. Prague, 1990.

Dr. Iman A.

Mohammed Ali



• B.Sc., Sociology, Al Neelain U.,1996.

• M.Sc., Sociology, Al Neelain U.,2001.

• Ph.D., Sociology, Al Neelain U.,2004.

Mrs. Huda Mubarak




• B.Sc., Sociology, Cairo U., 1980.

• M.Sc., Sociology, U. of K., 1991.

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