The University Library

The Library is one of the pillars of the University. It was established within Omdurman Ahlia College in 1985. By that time it acquired 5000 copies donated by the Canadian Government, The British Council, the Sudanese American Association, UNESCO, some Universities and some individuals particularly Princess Soad Al Sabah. In 1995 the library moved to its previous premises. In 2005 it occupied its present site and is now known as Professor Omer Mohammed Osman's (OMO) Library.

The Library is a four-storey building in which functional as well as aesthetic aspects were highly taken care of.

The subjects now covered by (OMO) Library are:

  • Natural Sciences.
  • Social Sciences.
  • Languages: Arabic, English and French.
  • History and Geography.
  • Art and Design.
  • Library and Information Sciences.
  • Communication Sciences & Computer Sciences.
  • Laboratory Sciences
  • Engineering.

Library Sections

1. Acquisition Section:

It acquires books and other sources of information as required by the university academic staff.

2. Technical Services Section:

It supervises recording, classification and cataloguing of information sources, as well as preparing special bibliographies on demand.

3. Users services Section

It serves the University teaching staff and students by providing lending and reprographic facilities. Graduate students and research workers from outside the University are allowed to use the Library.

 4. Information Technology (IT) Section

This section started in October 1999. The manual system was abandoned for the sake of full computerization of the Library work. The Professional staff is well trained to cope with new technologies and advanced data processing. Besides, audio- visual services and CD services are available to the library users.

5. Sudanese studies, periodicals, theses, and donated Libraries Section

This section is basically for serving the teaching staff, graduate students and research workers from inside and outside the University.

Future plans of the Library

The main target is to establish the University information centre. This centre is expected to offer many services including; current awareness service, selective dissemination of information, distance education and learning services beside other information services whenever demanded.

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Library staff



Title - Position

Academic Qualifications

Dr. Mansour Sid Ahmed

Administrative Dean

 *B.Sc, Montasirya Bagdad

*M.Sc, Islamic Univ.

*Bhd Islamic Univ.

Huayda Jaffar Hussein

Deputy Dean,Administrative


* B.Sc., Lib. Sc., O.A.U., 1992.

* P.G. Dip., Lib. Sc., Juba U. 2007

Osama Mutwakil Abd AL Aziz

Assist. Lib. (A)

Head of Acquisition Sec.

* B.Sc., Lib. Sc., O.A.U., 1992.

* P.G. Dipl., Lib. Sc., U of K., 1997

Siham Abd Alkarim Sharfi

Assist. Lib. (A)


* B.Sc., Lib. Sc., O.A.U., 2002.

* MSc Juba Univ.

 Bothina Idris

Assist. Lib. (A)

* B.Sc., Lib. Sc., O.A.U.,.

* P.G. Dip., Lib. Sc., Juba U., .

Omer Abdel Mahmoud Khalid

Assist. Lib. (A) 

Head, Electron Serv. & Tech.


* B.Sc., Lib. Sc., O.A.U., 1994.

* P.G. Dip., Lib. Sc., U. of K., 1998.

* M.Sc., Lib. Sc., El Neelain U., 2003

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Tel: + 187-571127, +187-566116, +187-566118 Fax: +187-553447